Grupo Bartolomeu Dias

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The Holding

The Bartolomeu Dias Group is an Angolan holding company founded in 1990 and integrating 22 Companies. Throughout its recent history, the Group Bartolomeu Dias vastly contributed to the economic, cultural and social development of Angola, generating many direct jobs: it has now more than 3,000 employees.

We know that a long and prestigious past, whose construction was based on ethical values and rigor, is a competitive advantage to face a future full of challenges. But, above all, an additional responsibility: we must provide the same reasons of pride for those who come after us.

We made it clear very early that this would be one aspect of our mission to support our continued growth and expansion.

Our assets are estimated at around 400 million USD spread over several sectors: Civil Aviation, manufacturing, construction, hotels and tourism, real estate, information technology, transportation, logistics, Private Security and Trading.