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  • BD Feb 2015
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Bartolomeu Dias by Bartolomeu Dias: how do you define yourself?

I am a citizen who started in the business, industrial and commercial as any other business man, which thanks to the dynamism and will to win, today represents the Bartolomeu Dias Group which is composed of several companies in different sectors of the national economy. With good prospects for the future, creating more job opportunities and contributing to develop the country, which is the goal of any entrepreneur.

What being an entrepreneur in Angola?

Obviously, each country has its own characteristics and, being in an African country, we have our problems and people living in Africa have to adapt to these conditions.

Unfortunately, there are still many bureaucratic problems, but people believe that those who have to change these problems are each one of us.

All the problems that arise are going to have to beat them, one by one. This is my way of working philosophy. I do not complain on the difficulties, because it was within them that created this group. The most important thing is to have peace, which is the basis of everything. The rest is the man who does, man transforms everything.

How does it look for domestic and foreign competition?

The competition for any person or entity in the market is welcome. We should be proud to compete and, among various groups win a prominent place.

The civilized competition is healthy in the business world, since we may present to our consumers products, goods and quality services. The client in Angola became demanding. This is one of the elements that the country earned since opening the market to the world.

We, the Angolan entrepreneurs don't have to prevent the entry of foreign businessmen because the world is globalized. Anyone in the business has to have business culture.

What are your business sectors?

In terms of industry I am focused in the food industry. We are aware that our industrial park ceased to exist; we need people to invest in the country's industrialization for its stabilization. In the area of aviation my dream was to be a pilot and this is an area that I work with love - I want to grow a lot in this area and the indicators show that it is possible. Our market is good and the region as well.

We have business in real estate, information technology and others where we invest. But the industry, aviation and real estate are the priority.

For when the internationalization of the Group Bartolomeu Dias?

Sometimes it's a matter of vanity to want to internationalize our societies, our companies. Large groups want to come invest in Angola because the country is the fastest growing in the world. Why go abroad out of here? Don't do that because it would have to seek a market better than mine. I will not go out just to say I have companies abroad.

But I have some representative offices abroad who do research on the products that we want to import, but investing heavily in a country other than Angola for now do not.

Corporate social responsibility is also a concern of the Group?

Today the whole country speaks of social responsibility, but now we have to think about the future: to continue to create jobs, to give the best possible conditions of work and additional support to our employees and their families.

What about the future of Bartolomeu Dias, what to say?

We have several projects in the pipeline. We only need to have political, economic and social stability in the country, and then the future of our companies is smiley.