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Angoinform DS

Top Security Service

The Ango-Inform Security Division, Ltd is a group company Bartolomeu Dias, specializing in security facilities, public or private, goods and people.

The Ango-Inform DS is based on fundamental values such as: Integrity, Monitoring and Service.

It is recognized as a mark of quality and trust in the private security market, taking over its more than twenty years of life, consolidated knowledge and experience in managing security and safeguarding risks in buildings, infrastructure, equipment, values and people.

This experience, and a well trained young team full of determination, and willingness to perform the best work possible, contributed to the growing success of the company. At this time, the company has employed nearly three hundred workers, in which it invests permanently in professional training in order to ensure the provision of an effective security service according to the customer’s specific need: personal safety, Automobile or Motorized patrol, escort of values, electronic security, armored cars for protocols, security of property and real estate.

The Ango-Inform DS operatives are equipped with the means to respond to any eventuality.

Geographically, the Ango-Inform DS covers two major cities of Angola - Luanda and Benguela - ensuring security to facilities, goods and people in the BPC Condominium, in Diexim Transport, in BPC Refinery, in Nori, in Cabire Alimentos, Esko Angola, in addition to several private residences.